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Handwriting-Recognition Tablet
Perhaps the first handwriting-recognition tablet, the Linus Write-Top lets you write directly on the screen with the included stylus. It is not a touch screen, it is a "resistive type touch screen in which a voltage is applied to the screen edges, and a stylus detects the voltage at the touched location." This allows for very high resolution and repeatable stylus tracking.
Using an advanced symbol-recognition algorithm, the Linus ("of or about lines") converts your scrawls into perfect text at a rate of about 5 characters per second. It recognizes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols - up to 75 total.
Examples of uses include:
Healthcare - doctors or nurses recording on patient charts
Insurance - entering data on claims or other forms
Sales - entering orders or using the modem to inquire on order status

Interform's Contributions:
Industrial Design
Mechanical Design
User Interface Design
Vender Liaison
Utility Patent