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StreamBase and Stream XR
Base: The StreamBase from Aerielle is the perfect solution for your wireless home entertainment needs. With a range of 150+ ft, the StreamBase allows you to create a seamless multi-room audio environment throughout your home, without requiring messy wires or costly professional installation. Simple plug and play connectivity allows you to enjoy crystal clear sound from your audio source to an unlimited number of Stream-connected powered speakers or headphones in minutes. Also, since every StreamBase is a transceiver, the possible configurations are endless.

Remote: Streaming audio wirelessly without sacrificing sound quality has never been easier. Broadcast to an unlimited number of Stream XRs through one of 7 color channels. Enjoy your favorite audio and make standard headphones wireless with the innovative and portable Stream XR. Use your Stream XR to broadcast better than CD-quality audio wirelessly from your computer to virtually any portable speaker system or stream your favorite music from your iPod®/ MP3 player to your home entertainment center. Its lightweight and portable design allows you to enjoy quality audio wirelessly anywhere you go. However you choose to enjoy your audio, the Stream XR is your solution. The possibilities are endless.

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