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LS BioPath
Intraoperative Imaging for Breast Cancer Surgery
TOUCH, developed by LS BioPath, is a mobile, battery operated, handheld imaging device that unambiguously de-couples signatures of abnormal from normal tissue during breast cancer surgery. TOUCH equipped with a sterile single use probe will guide surgeons in the identification of abnormalities within the margins and will enable their immediate and precise removal. TOUCH is very simple to operate, and margins images are immediately displayed on the device screen.
TOUCH's tissue imaging technology is based on clinically acceptable standards of bio-impedance spectroscopy. TOUCH provides real time images that depict the status of excised breast tissue margins. The device images an area of 13x13 mm with a spatial resolution of a fraction of a millimeter and penetration depth of several millimeters.
TOUCH device will enable surgeons to assess the margins of the excised tissue and determine if additional tissue removal is required prior to completing the surgery. The identification of clear margins should decrease the need for repetitive surgeries due to residual cancer in the margins. In addition by clearly defining the boundary between normal and abnormal tissue, surgeons can more effectively preserve and spare tissue for enhanced reconstructive & cosmetic results.
Patients, hospitals and insurance companies will see cost reduction due to a decrease in additional surgeries and post-surgical treatments required when positive margins are detected several days after Breast Cancer Surgery.
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