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Robotic Catheter System
The Sensei® X Robotic Catheter System is the world’s next-generation flexible, purely robotic platform, combining advanced levels of 3D catheter control and 3D visualization to bring you accuracy and stability during catheter-based electrophysiology (EP) procedures. By translating your hand motions at the workstation to the control catheter inside the patient’s heart, the Sensei® X System’s proprietary instinctive motion control technology empowers accurate and deliberate catheter placement.
Multiple technologies come together to deliver the X Factor:
• The Artisan Extend™ Control Catheter accommodates pre-approved mapping catheters and provides six degrees of freedom through its unique steerable inner and outer guide catheter design
• The CoHesion™ 3D Visualization Module integrates the 3D motion control of the Sensei X System with the 3D visualization of the EnSite® System to provide clinical confidence in catheter placement
• IntelliSense® Fine Force Technology with Tactile Vibration measures forces on the working catheter and provides immediate tactile and visual feedback.

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