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Water-efficient Irrigation Solution
Unlike conventional automatic sprinkler systems, you set up "Zones" around plants that have similar watering requirements. You could make a small zone around just one plant and a large zone for the lawn. Each watering head can have up to 15 unique zones of almost any size or shape.
You set up the watering zones by plugging the hand-held controller into the watering head. Then, using the keys on the controller, you give the zone a name, like "ROSES" or "FRONT LAWN". Using the arrow keys, you direct a stream of water around the outline of the zone you want to water. Set points around the zone by pressing a key on the controller. The watering head remembers the points (called "Dots") that define the zone.
You can use from 3 to 24 dots to define a zone of almost any shape. The zone can be any size up to the range of the watering head, which is a 50-foot (16 m) diameter circle.
After you have defined the zone, you use the controller to select a watering frequency (any days in a two week schedule), and an amount of water (from .1 to 2 inches in .1" steps). When all your zones are set up, plug the controller into the junction box and set a starting time for watering. Now the controller communicates with each watering head (up to 8) and tells it when to start watering.
The watering head sends a stream of water up and down the zone in stripes until the correct amount of water has been supplied. Each pass from one side to the other puts down about 0.05 inches of water. The controller displays the names of all the watering heads and zones currently being watered.

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