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eIQ Energy
eIQ Energy
Parallux vBoost 250
250-watt DC-to-DC converter module
Designed for use with lower-voltage panels (20 to 50 volts), the vBoost 250 mounts directly on the PV panel rail, connecting with an MC3 or optional MC4 connector. Power and data are carried on a single wire pair with optional MC4 connector.

• Parallel architecture with constant voltage output over entire input power curve
• Direct connection to solar panel MC connector; no additional panel wiring needed
• Complete cable assembly with #10 UL rated PV wire for vBoost unit    interconnection and #12 UL wire for connection to PV modules
• Full communications over power line to central module. Collected data includes:
• Voltage input (from panel)
• Current input (from panel)
• Power input (from panel)
• Voltage output (from vBoost)
• Current output (from vBoost)
• Power output (from vBoost)
• Ambient temperature
• Unit status
• Auto shut-off when unit is disconnected from inverter/Comm Module
• Watertight NEMA 4 enclosure
• Flexible mount points for connection to any racking system
• High-availability fault tolerant design

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